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Embark on a journey where each step is a leap in learning and laughter! Our programs, designed for infants to school-aged children, intertwine fun with developmental growth, ensuring every child thrives. From the first coos of infancy to the confident strides of pre-K, we nurture every stage.

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Literacy and Mathematics

Readers’ Theatre

Book Club

Creative Writing & Journalism


Science and Technology



Special Talents Programs

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We make learning fun, like playtime, with the following:

Visiting parks is more than just playtime – it’s a dynamic way to boost learning for your child. At Wilson Borough Childcare Academy & Learning Center, we embrace the outdoor experience, as it encourages exploration, fosters creativity, and enhances social skills, all while having fun in the natural classroom of a park.

Our onsite library is a valuable repository of knowledge that is waiting to be explored by young minds. With a wide variety of age-appropriate books and comfortable reading corners, it is the ideal place for children to embark on literacy adventures, nourishing their love for learning and broadening their horizons.

Summer Water Play
Dive into a world of learning and fun at our childcare facility’s pool! Our aquatic activities promote physical development and water safety skills and enhance social interaction, all while fostering a love for learning in a playful and refreshing environment.

And Much More!
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